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Tour CoverWhidbey Island is 47 miles of the western end of the Cascade Loop Highway. The island is surrounded by the salt waters of northern Puget Sound – with Saratoga Passage to the east and Admiralty Inlet to the west. Whidbey can be reached by ferry from the south and by car (over the Deception Pass bridge) from the north.

The focus of our Whidbey Island audio tour guide is on the cultural heritage and traditional art forms that you’ll find on the island. We have attempted to provide an introduction to the various ethnic as well as occupational community traditions on Whidbey, such as Scandinavian, Dutch, Scottish, Filipino, Japanese, Coast Salish; maritime, crop and livestock farming.

Our intention has been to capture some of the local narratives and music, and to give listeners a sense of the culture of the island – past and present. Some of the people we recorded for this project come from families who have lived for up to four generations on Whidbey, some who have lived here for all or most of their adult life, and others who are relative newcomers. The audio tour begins at the south end of Whidbey in Clinton, where visitors arrive at the ferry dock. From there it travels north along route 525, which then connects with SR 20 at the north end of Greenbank. Following SR 20, the tour continues north to the far northern end of the island and concludes at Deception Pass.

The Whidbey Island audio tour is one CD accompanied by a 20 page booklet of liner notes (they include a map of the island).

The Cascade Loop Scenic Highway is a 440-mile self-guided driving tour that encompasses a wide diversity of natural and cultural landscapes. The Loop travels from the saltwater beaches of Puget Sound through the fertile farmlands of the Skagit and Snohomish River Valleys, over three Cascade Mountain passes east to the orchard and vineyard-laden Columbia River Valley, glacier-fed Lake Chelan, and the open ranges and western frontier territory of the Methow Valley. The scenery of the Cascade Loop Highway is truly spectacular, from the high mountain peaks of the North Cascades Highway to the beauty of Tumwater Canyon; from the open, arid landscape of the Columbia River Valley to the shores of Whidbey Island. The tour follows historic Pacific Northwest transportation routes, and passes through national and state parks, national forests, historic towns and sites, and other natural and recreational areas.

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Sample: The Picked Herring band plays the Glad Och Livad Schottische.



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